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Isabella Surpless was born in 1978 in the UK. She attended boarding school until age 18, after which she spent a year studying French at the Sorbonne, Paris. From 1996 to 2000 Isabella returned to the UK to study for her BA Hons at the University of Bristol. Isabella gained her MSc Hons at the London School of Economics in 2002. She worked for three years at the BBC and then the Royal Mail Group whereupon she decided to change career direction: “Following years of ill health and much medical treatment, I decided to look towards nutritional therapy for healing. As a result I completely recovered my health”.  Thereupon Isabella decided to train as a nutritional therapist: She studied for her BSc in Nutritional Therapy in London. “My work give me great satisfaction; I see life changing results as the health of clients improve through changing their nutrition”. Isabella now lives in Switzerland with her husband and 2 year old daughter. In her free time she loves to ski or walk in the Swiss mountains and travel the world!

Jeff Fischer was born in 1977 in Lagos, Nigeria, where he was educated until 1994. He completed his schooling in Oxford, UK. Jeff gained a BSc Hons in Economics and Accounting at the University of Bristol, UK, which he completed in 1999. Whereupon Jeff moved to London and spent two years working for the Bank of New York. He remained in London to study for an MSc in Economic History at the London School of Economics, completing his studies in 2002. After which Jeff worked for Intel Corporation in the UK and US. Jeff returned to Lagos in 2008 in order to join the family hotel business. The motivation for setting up came from personal experience: “Despite excelling at sports for several years, I had always struggled with my weight. I had become so obese that I started to struggle with high blood pressure. My girlfriend recommended the tailored diet approach to me and I was able to lose 20 kilograms over a course of 5 months, and keep the weight off long-term. The change in my life is really remarkable, so I decided I want to bring the benefits to people living in Nigeria as well."

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