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Irene Babs-Jonah

I started the Tailored diets program after my professional exams. I put on a lot of weight whilst preparing for my CFA exams pigging out on ice cream. It was obvious I was heavy as my clothes were busting at the seams and some of my colleagues thought that I was pregnant. My friend based in Lagos told me about the tailored diets program. I contacted the consultant by email and although I live and work in London, I was able to enrol unto their scheme. The consultant took his time talking me through the program over the phone. I started the diets program and combined it with a dedicated exercise regime. I started to see results very quickly and lost a massive 6kg over 6 weeks. Still amazed by how much weight I lost and how good I feel.

Funmi Lasisi

A friend recommended tailored diets to me. I decided to give their diet plan a chance. I'm very pleased with the results so far. I'm on track to lose 12kg plus and I feel so much better, more energetic, confident and lighter on my feet. Thanks Tailored Diets

Doris Japhet

I discovered tailored diets through an advert on facebook. Originally I was little sceptical but I decided to visit their office and see for myself. I was impressed with the programs on offer and I decided to give the standard program a chance. I enjoyed the diet choices and snacks available. I was astonished how quickly people noticed the difference in my appearance. After 4 weeks, I had lost 5 kilograms without undertaking any exercise. When I saw my before and after photos, I was astonished by the difference. I fully recommend the program to anyone trying to lose weight quickly.

Gbubemi Atimomo

I found tailored diets through a search engine and I decided to give it a try. I was particularly impressed with the wholesome healthy diet approach with focus on natural food intake. I hate pills and I was weary of any strange dieting tricks so tailored diets’ personalised healthy approach worked for me. I enjoyed trying new foods and products. I also enjoyed the variety in my diet and I learnt a lot about healthy nutrition in the process. I have lost over 10kg so far. I feel so much lighter, healthier and more energetic. My family and friends have really noticed the difference. My clothes don't fit anymore but I’m looking forward to my next shopping trip but first I’m sticking to my plan as I’m motivated to lose another 10 kg before the end of the year

Justin Omofuna

I joined tailored diets after I saw for myself the rapid healthy weight loss in Jeff Fischer (Tailored Diets lead consultant). I decided to undertake the same weight loss program as well. I am pleased to say the program was very successful. I lost weight (10 kg in a fortnight) without feeling tired or hungry. Eventually I lost 12 kilos in my 1st month. I feel so much better than I used to. I enjoyed trying out new meals and new recipes. I felt more energised and lighter on my feet. It's a great program and I recommend it whole heartily. Even more so, when I consider the great price and cash back initiative.

Clara Anayanwu

I decided to try the tailored diets weight loss program because I wanted to lose weight in a quick and hassle free manner. I was referred to tailored diets by some members in my church. I'm glad I decided to undertake tailored diets weight loss plan, not only because I was able to achieve my target weight by losing 5kg in a month but I learnt a lot about healthy eating, nutrition and exercise. I was also happy with positive comments I received from my co-workers in the office who noticed the weight loss even in the first couple of weeks. Now my next challenge is to find a good tailor to help bring my clothes and dresses to fit my slimmer shape :)

Jefferson Fischer

I had struggled with my weight all my life. I was teased incessantly growing as a child up into adulthood. It didn’t matter that I was an active sportsperson and a healthy eater (admittedly large portions as well). I remained overweight despite my many efforts over the years to try to shift my weight. I tried so many diet fads, I fasted regularly, I tried different diet pills, I exercised like crazy (at times I regularly visited the gym twice a day) but all to no avail until I tried the tailored diets approach. When I got my personal diet plan the first shocker was many of what are generally healthy foods and fruits were taken out of my personal diet plan after the consultant viewed my blood test results.

The first couple of weeks into the diet regime was tough as my body adjusted to the new eating regime and detoxification process. On the plus side I was able to cut down on the amount of exercise I was undertaking whilst losing weight. In the first month, I lost 8kilograms. Over a period of four more months I lost another 14 kilograms. The change in my life style was immense. The flood of compliments I received were all very encouraging. My blood pressure fell to a healthy level, I slept better, I digested food better (no more bloated feeling or indigestion). I was more mobile and able to climb the stairs at work without feeling out of breadth. My self perception also improved.

The advice I would give anyone else who is about to start the tailored diet program is to find a good tailor because if you follow the advice, you will lose weight and will consequently need to have your clothes brought in to fit your new slimmer figure. Admittedly the first two weeks are tough but if one toughs it out, the results are tremendous.



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